Guillermo Subuno is a multidisciplinary creative from Madrid (Spain) based in Sydney (Australia). He has been working professionally as a freelancer around the world since 2013.
He has a degree in Prepress, Graphic Design and Editorial Production and a degree in Advertising Design and multimedia communication, among other studies. He never stops learning.
He is the founder and creator of different brands and projects such as the famous spanish Fashion and Music trend magazine WAG1 or the illustration projects AmorMiedo and ParPerVerso. He was also the Co-founder and director of WAG1 Studio, a creative studio and fashion showroom in Madrid closed in 2022 to open his own studio Etéreo.
His excellent creative director and designer role is what made him stand out in agencies or as a freelancer for different brands such as: Vans, Jägermeister, New Balance, Warner Music, Art Company Shoes, Nyx, Nutris, Grimey, Courir, Sanitas, Universal Music…

As a graphic designer and creative director, Guillermo Subuno is in charge of the creative strategy of your brand, advertising campaigns, brand events, creation of photo and video campaigns. As well as the graphic design that encompasses the firm, from its logo, packaging or typography to its website.
As an illustrator, Guillermo has several personal styles that shows in his personal brand, always looking to learn and surprise with his new creations. He has been a finalist in several creative competitions, including “Hazlo Tú” from Yorokobu magazine’s in 2014 or Finalist in the 10th Creative Competition “Un dedo de espuma, dos dedos de frente” in 2012. He has recently launched the AmorMiedo project.
In his role as a Creative Director as well as a specialist in music and fashion trends, he has given some interviews in media such as  Doodle Arts, El País or Yorokobu.
In his photographer side, Guillermo Subuno, under the pseudonym Etéreo, has worked in the coverage of numerous events and shows, mainly fashion or musicals. He has also covered numerous music festivals around the world for his WAG1 magazine and has collaborated with others like Gigwise, he has also worked for festivals like Mad Cool, in addition to other social or fashion events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or 080 Barcelona.
Furthermore he does photography for brands, products, social networks and for his own artistic projects.
Guillermo Subuno is available for freelance work for your company. You just have to contact him and he will be happy to answer you soon 🙂
Thank you!
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